Angela Higgins

Hi, I'm Angela (aka Angie), a designer and PhD researcher using co-design to explore robotics for chronic pain care.


I am an designer turned PhD student, who uses co-design to create better future technologies for care.I have worked for over a decade as an industrial designer, with clients ranging from small boutiques to supermarkets. I've used my skills in user research, computer aided-design and design for manufacture to realise physical products.I completed my masters in robotics in 2021, speaking with people living with chronic pain about their thoughts on robots and robotic touch.I'm continuing this journey through my PhD studies at the University of Nottingham, working in partnership with ExtraCare charitable trust.


Higgins, A., Llewellyn, A., Dures, E., & Caleb-Solly, P. (2022, December). Robotics Technology for Pain Treatment and Management: A Review. In International Conference on Social Robotics (pp. 534-545). Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland.



If you have any projects, ideas or just things to chat about, I'd love to hear from you!